Increasing real estate sales through better photography pt. 3

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by Dustin Meyer


Let’s look at a case study that helps illustrate how different real estate photography can be from your average workaday model shoot:

The client has a 10K square foot warehouse in central Austin that he wants to sell.  It’s an ugly and run down neighborhood and the building is older and not wearing her age well.

The shooting strategy: Images that inform in an attractive way.

“Distance-to” shots that show beneficial features for a warehousing user nearby.  Perhaps the UPS freight facility facade or iconic shots of the major highways that lend access to the spot.  A shot of the cross street sign is far more helpful to a warehouser than a shot of the bathroom of the same property.

“But the buyer needs to know that there is a bathroom, right?”  Yes.  But a real estate photographer can shoot that from a medium distance with the door cracked and the light on and we, all of us potential buyers, know what that is.

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